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1lb Krunch Kote Ice Cream Topping, Sprinkles, Twinkle Dip, Peanut Brittle


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Krunch Kote Ice Cream Topping (Same as your local chain ice cream shops)
You will receive 1lb sealed bag of Krunch Kote


Ever go to your local ice cream shop and get that delicious peanut crumb like topping with the sprinkles in it? Of course, many people love this topping. So much in fact that they try to buy some to bring home or for parties and the chain stores will not sell them any in bulk because its kept very secret. Some even say its a licensed product and they are not allowed to sell it.

So we are selling the exact same product that they use at their stores, direct from a distributor of the company that makes Krunch Kote. This stuff is fresh, crunchy, and ready to take care of your crunch coat cravings. Its time to have ice cream in the convenience of your own home with your favorite ingredient.

We buy this stuff in bulk (which is the only way to get it), weigh it, and repackage it in sealed bags which allows us to sell you just the right amount for your craving.

Because this is a food item we are not taking returns.


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