01-05 Raptor 660 Bolt-On Suspension Widening / Lowering Kit / Add +4.5-6″ Width


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2001-2005 Raptor 660 Bolt-On Suspension Widening / Lowering Kit
Includes all bolts and brackets shown in the 3rd picture. Aftermarket tie rods (not included) are required for installation of this kit.

Looking to add some width to your raptor? Feel a little tippy around turns or during tricky trail runs? Then this is the trick to bring more confidence to your ride. Up for auction is our famous tried and true widening kit. This is a direct bolt-on kit for your raptor that will add either +4.5″ or +6″ of width to the overall size of your raptor.

There are a couple different installation options for this kit:
You can add all the brackets and gain +4.5 or +6″ of width while retaining the stock height
Add the a-arm brackets and no shock brackets to gain +4.5 or +6″ of width while lowering the height about 2-3″ (Please note that this option will end up about +5.5 or +7″ wide due to the suspension growing in width because of the lowered stance

Made from 3/16″ thick A36 structural steel, precision cut on a CNC machine, then powder coated in a textured satin black finish to prevent rust and scratches. These kits are USA MADE. We have had these kits tested by a couple different riders in different terrain settings (trail & MX) and had no issues with bending brackets. But if you do end up bending a bracket due to a hard roll over or crash, we can sell you just the brackets you need without selling you a whole new kit.

Simple install using stock frame mounting tabs, no cutting, welding, or modifying of your raptor beyond bolting this kit on, adding some longer tie rods, and taking off the intermediate brake line support brackets to give more slack. The brackets come with holes for both width settings. You can change the settings by simply pulling a couple bolts, swapping holes, and changing out to a different tie rod length (NOT INCLUDED). In this kit you will get all the required bolts, nuts, washers, and suspensions plates to complete the install. All included hardware is metric 8.8, equivalent to US grade 5 bolts, and zinc plated. The nuts are nylon loaded locking nuts for a vibration proof install.

You will need common tools such as sockets, wrenches, ect to install this kit. Comes complete with color instructions with photos showing bracket locations and steps to install everything. If you have questions during the install email us and we can work you through.

They are not included due to the many different options available to you. We recommend Full Flight Racing full length extended tie rods (Approx $48 Shipped US), but there are also tie rod extensions available on the market. We push for the full length tie rods because many riders have had issues with extensions bending with the use of any suspension widening brackets or extended a-arms kits.
We also recommend using either a wider axle or Gforce extended hubs for the rear with this kit.

Please visit Raptor forum via this link for reviews and comments on our kit:
Raptor Forum

Here are some comments on our kit from other riders: (We used to sell these under the name Misfit Fabrication)

Im sure actual a-arms are better for a few reasons but i can honestly say my raptor is a totally new monster with the widening kit and rear axle extensions on the rear. And Rob, they no longer sell the kit with tie rods, they had issues with getting them in. Youll have to look up on ebay its a company called full flight, just type in raptor 660 +2 tie rods and they should come up for like 40 bucks.
Damnit, Misfit! You guys should cut me a hell of a deal on something 😉 J/K.. I wish these guys well

No, man. I dont like it, I LOVE IT! Its the best thing ive done to the raptor yet.

Ok guys. Here is my update. I took my raptor out this weekend to a local MX track set up for dirt bikes. These guys were getting like 50-60 ft air (no bullshit). Had a BLAST! My biggest jump that day was probably close to 10 ft up and 20 ft out. This kit takes it with no problem so far. We also did some ROUGH trail riding. We spent a total of 7 hours riding rough trails and hitting up the tracks. So far so good. The kit made a HUUUUGE difference. You can see in the video how much it made. My friend drove my g/f’s raptor which is completely stock and we took them out on the oval track and started side by side. I had the raptor NAILED in 4th gear the whole track, had it not been for the widening kit and axle extensions there is no way in hell id be able to do that without flipping. BTW my friend owns a trx 450 and he has 3 yrs of riding experience on me so its not him driving that let me get away from him so easily, its the fact that the stock width of the raptor just really sucks. Anyways here is a vid and a pic. My GF didnt snap any pics of us on the track.

No wear what so ever. Ive got about 35+ hours of HARD riding on them. MX tracks and double black diamond trails. It was well worth my investment. I bought my GF a kit as well. I will tell you that the metal used to make these things is a pretty serious metal. I bought some front piggyback shocks and i had to cut the ears off of the shock end for the 6” setting, which ill never use. I used my air saw to modify the a arms and it cut like butter, time come to cut those ears off on the brackets and all it would do was chip off the powder coating. It took a good bit of grinding with a hitachi grinder and a cut off blade to do what i had to do, its made of higher quality metal than the rest of the raptor, rest assure on that one. My ONLY complaint, which isnt a HUGE complaint is that the shock mount bolts could be 2 individual bolts instead of one that goes straight through, i havent had an issue with it but i just dont like it, two shorter bolts will cure that for sure

Yes i have the rear extensions on. I put them on yesterday to find out i have bad rear axle bearings…. Anywho. I did ride a little after i put them on and MAN did it make a HUUUUGE difference. I have a circle track in the back and i shaved 3-4 seconds off of the lap time and i didnt have enough time to get used to whooping the rear end around without tipping…. My 255 bucks that ive got invested in widening the raptor was WELL worth the investment… It works so well that its no longer a battle of fighting the raptor that wears you out.. Its holding on because you can drive more aggressively. I cant imagine how much better the whole package would be with some yfz 450 shocks for the front……

First of all, i would like to say, customer service is top notch! Ive texted the crap out of the poor guy and he hasnt ignored me once. Ok, with that said, this kit is AWESOME! It adds a great amount of stability for a GREAT price. I debated getting some arms, but the price of this kit is less than half of the price for new arms. I installed the kit yesterday and have put about an hour on it. I can now do a donut confidently without flipping over, which is a HUGE deal. Ive done some jumps, hit bumps, wheelies, donuts, turns and all that and the kit seems to hold up well. There was a SLIGHT and i mean SLIGHT notice of bump steer. However, this could be caused by my toe angle. I dont have my axle extensions at the moment but they will arrive tomorrow and ill be able to see what this thing will do. For those of you who have been debating this kit, debate no longer! Go ahead and order. Im going to get a kit for my G/F’s raptor because i like it so much! Im going to do some hard riding on this kit this weekend on our trip out so ill keep this thread updated.


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